Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Teen Mom 101

Do not give up! 
  • On dreams
  • Goals and Aspirations
Just because you’re a parent does not mean you cannot conquer your dreams. It may become delayed, but never give up! Let becoming a teen mom be your motivation to be a better person, Mom, and woman.

Do not feel guilty!
  • Not being able to spend time with your child because of work or school
  • Buying yourself something nice
  • Hanging out with friends
It’s okay to leave your child behind. I know some young women, like myself, do not agree with the daycare system or even leaving their child behind period even if it is with a relative or a close friend. I get it! That was something I had to learn to do. We are three-dimensional women. You have to remember you’re a woman first! It’s all about balancing work, school, having a social life, and being a mom. Live a little bit! I commend teen moms who work and go to school Applause to you!! I am living proof that it is possible. Just have faith and know that you're headed to your success. Enjoy your life!

Love yourself!
  • Love you for you 
  • Love yourself if no one will; self-love is so important 
Love yourself for who you are. There will be trying times and difficulties raising a child. But look in the mirror and tell yourself that you can do it and remind yourself of all of your accomplishments. Never beat yourself up about making mistakes or having failures. Things happen! You live and you learn.

Have patience!
  • Do not rush to get things done
  • Remember what matters the most
  • Remind yourself that things take time
  • Always have a positive outlook on life 
Sit back, take a minute to yourself, and do absolutely nothing. Give yourself time to reflect, think, and just relax. Life is not a race. You have to remember that your health and well-being is crucial because you’re the provider and the nurturer. Always be thankful for what you have and do not focus on what you lack. Life is what you make it. Think positively and you will receive positive outcomes.

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