Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Holiday Hair! #Freetress Nia Girl Wig Review

Hey Lovelies! This holiday season has been very hectic. On top of all the busyness, my hair has been suffering. I had to take drastic measures to make sure I looked cute for all the holiday pictures. Before we hopped on the plane for Thanksgiving, I ran to the nearest beauty supply store. After looking at all the wigs, I knew Nia Girl was my saving grace.

Here's some information about her, Freetress Nia Girl ;)
  • One 5-inch wide comb in the front and two 2-inch wide combs in the back. 
  • Stretches
  • Half Wig
  • No lace; Full tracks
  • Drawstring
  • Color: 2
Although this is a half wig, I've been wearing it as a full wig (no leave out). I only bought the wig because it was cheap, it looked like it aged well, and it was the easiest to manipulate. To style Nia Girl, I finger-combed her until I saw some frizz. Then, I got my scissors. While the wig looks short, it has a lot of hair all curled up in it. I had to not only cut shape, but I had to cut out volume out around the face. I don't use the combs to secure the wig at all. I usually cut the combs out but I haven't with this unit yet. I rarely use the drawstring. I secure the wig with bobby pins.

I received so many compliments on this wig. People I know thought this was my own hair. Unlike Jackie, Nia Girl is getting better with time. Instead of expanding and getting more frizzy, the curls are surprisingly dropping. I am glad I got the color 2 because the dark drown tint makes the wig look much more natural. If I ran into another hair emergency, I would buy Nia Girl again. I have been wearing the unit everyday since Thanksgiving. This wig will be worn into the New Year. I don't love it because I am using a half wig as a full wig. But if I leave some hair out around the perimeter of my hairline to protect my secret when the wind blows, I would love her.

Do you like protective styling with wigs? Are wigs your go-to for hair emergencies? How are you styling your hair for Christmas? Please tell me. I really want to know, Girl! Just remember, no matter what your hair or makeup looks like, jump into all of the pictures and make lasting memories during the holidays. Saving Grace SMOOCHES XOXO


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