Sunday, February 14, 2016

Wig Review: @OutreHair Jackie

Hey Hunny Dips! I purchased this wig on my own. My hair likes to rest. Wigs are the perfect protective style for me. I like to change my look often and wigs make it possible. Today's review is on Outre Wig Jackie.
I purchased Jackie in a color DRB30/1 because it matched best with my hair color. Jackie is a synthetic curly wig. Jackie has 4 combs (crown, nape, and both sides), adjustable straps, and ear tabs. The wig has an lace L-parting. The wig can be worn with no leave-out if  you wear your hair cornrowed flat underneath and fix your part. However, I cut the perforated parting and wore it as a u-part wig. Underneath this wig, I had my hair in twist or braids covered by a wig cap. I mainly wore Jackie for bad hair days when it was raining, when my hair didn't dry completely, or when I didn't feel like doing it. The wig has so much hair on it that I had to chop it all the way up. It gets bigger with time. It doesn't have a tight curl but it does frizz. This frizz makes it blends well with 4B-4C stretched hair.

I received too many compliments on this wig. Everyone really liked it, thought it was mine, and thought it looked really natural. If you need a cute wig for those bad hair days that is not expensive, then this is the wig for you. I paid $40 for my wig at a beauty supply store (being impatient) but you can get it for cheaper online. Outre is an awesome hair brand that continues to evolve over the years. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter. Let me know how you feel about this review or if you need more information. Thanks and SMOOCHES XOXO

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  1. It was a delightful experience to try different hair styles with the help of synthetic wigs as it helped to get a totally changed look effortlessly.