Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Bare It All with @WetnWildBeauty

Hello Sugar Lips! I just had to share with you all a nude lip color that I absolutely LOVE! My new go-to shade for everyday wear is Wet n Wild's Bare It All MegaLast Lip Color. I love this lip color because it is affordable, it goes well with my skin tone, and it really does last a long time.

1) It's affordable. This Wet n Wild MegaLast Lip Color line is about $2 anywhere you go. I purchased my lip color from Five Below. A steal and a win if you ask me!

2) The Bare It All shade goes well with my skin tone. Us girls come in many beautiful and different shades. I wanted to share this lip color for girls with a similar complexion as mine who may be weary of trying nude lip colors. Other nude lip colors tend to make my lips looks non-existent or very dry. That's not the case with Bare It All. It has a peachy tone that gives a bit of color dimension while still being a nude.

3) Bare It All really does last all day. I have a horrible habit of touching my face all day. While some lip color may rub off on my hand, it doesn't smudge or get all over. And the lip color stays on my lips about 8 hours, fading with every swipe of my hand across my face.

Wet n Wild's Bare It All MegaLast Lip Color has a matte finish. In the pictures, I am not wearing any foundation and the lip color is paired with Brandywine Color Icon Lipliner, also from Wet n Wild.

I am really trying to build my beauty bag and embrace makeup more. I am always open for tips and pointers. What's your favorite nude lip color?

Check out Wet n Wild!


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