Thursday, March 31, 2016

I Just Want To Be Successful

Enrichment Course 2: Measuring Success

Hey Girl! This is Enrichment Course #2!

The purpose of Girls Like Me, Inc. is to make sure you have the tools and resources to reach your dreams so that you can live a life you are proud to live. I want you to know that you have options. I want you to be successful.

Following the dream and plan you created yourself that once seemed impossible but you are doing it anyway to the best of your ability? That's deemed successful in your eyes and those who may see you working.

Trying to follow a pre-made plan, a plan that someone else followed, or doing what someone else told you will make you successful eventually? You may be successful on this route but chances are you will often wonder how you are measuring your success.

Am I successful because I am rich? Am I successful because many people haven't done what I am doing? Am I successful because I followed the exact path that "Jennie Doe" did? Am I successful because people are proud of me and they think I am successful?

Your "success" is not measured by anybody but you. If you have to ask the previous questions, ask this final question "Do I feel successful?" Chances are, if you are asking all of those questions, you may not even know how you want to measure success for your life. You could be doing everything you think is successful but it is not fulfilling to you, making you feel less than, and not getting you where you want to be.

If you are not good at math, don't measure your success to the math genius in the class. But you can't quit school to follow your dreams because you need an education as your foundation. I am not saying if math and school is not your dream, find a new one. I am saying measure your success by your improvement in your math grades. Be creative in your ability to incorporate what you love and dream of doing one day into your studies and extracurricular activities to keep you more engaged. You have to do both simultaneously.

So first, How do you want to measure success for your life? What is your ultimate goal that you want to reach in your life? When you have reached the ultimate level of success, what will that look like? Only consider your own thoughts, opinions and feelings. No one else. (Ex: Being a homeowner; Being able to provide scholarships to young people; Traveling the world; being a great mom)

You now have your Metrics for Success!

Great! So above you told me what success will mean for your life. So now the hard part. WHY? Why do you measure success this way? (Ex: I want have a home for my family that we own; I believe that education is important and I want to make sure people have the opportunity; I want to learn about other cultures and how I can help others outside of my own country who need it most; I don't want my kids to have a bad home life that stunts their potential for an awesome future)

It's important that your metrics for success aren't determined by reasons that won't add value to your life. Your metrics should be chosen to help you add value to your own life and to the world around you.

You might have stumbled upon this lesson because you just want be successful or you may feel that you are on the wrong path to get there. Well, let me remind you that you just determined your own metrics and the values behind them. These goals and values have been in you and in the back of your mind before you got to this page. I am sure that these metrics have unknowingly already affected many of your decisions and accomplishments.

So, think really hard on this one. Based on your Metrics for Success, What have you already accomplished to help you be successful? What have you done or what are you doing that is already pushing you closer toward success?

I always bring the real. Now think about this: What are you doing that is causing you not to reach your Metrics for Success? Are you not confident in what you want out of life? Are you committed to the wrong extracurricular activity? Are you following the wrong career path? Be honest!

Good News: You can always make a change! What changes can you make to redirect or to stay on your path to success? Should you try out for the sport you love instead of the sport your Dad wants you to do? Should you go back to school? What will help you reach your Metrics for Success?

If you answered all these questions honestly, you should now have a clearer view of what success means to you. As you progress in your life and on your path to success, your Metrics for Success may change. Revisit this worksheet to constantly update what success means to you as your life changes. In the mean time, here are 10 general tips for you to use when trying to measure your success.

1) Choosing to measure the success of your dreams by the things you want out of life, your metrics for success.
2) Making sure that your metrics adds value to you and impacts the world and others.
3) Understand that success varies for everyone.
4) You may have had a rough start but you may very well already be on the right track to success.
5) Don't be afraid to change your course of action and your plan to reach success once you determine your metrics.
6) There is no ultimate level for success.
7) Don't compare your success to others.
8) Don't try to tell people how they should measure success.
9) Take constructive advice and criticism from credible sources. However, remember that no one can tell you how to measure success

BONUS Affirmation: These are tips that Elisa created, but I have the last say so about How I will be successful.

Print these tips along with your metrics! Frame them and put them in a place where they will be seen as a daily reminder of success.

Final Take Away: You may not be successful in the eyes of others. But that is more than okay. It actually doesn't matter! When you look in the mirror, that's the person you want to prove your success to. Make sure you are impressing yourself by following your plan, reaching your goals, and surpassing you metrics for success and constantly replacing those with new ones. You are a Success. You are Successful.


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