Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Black Owned Hair Care Companies for Natural and Relaxed Hair


Bronner Brothers Products (http://bronnerbros.com/bb-products/) - Relaxed, Natural
EAP Heat (http://eapheat.com/) - Electric Curling Irons

Mane Choice (http://themanechoice.com/) - Natural, Relaxed, Electric Curling Irons, Professional Tools, Health Supplements

Deeper Than Hair (http://deeperthanhair.com/haircare-products/) - Natural, Relaxed, Electric Curling Irons

Nouritress (https://www.nouritress.com/) - Natural, Relaxed, Health Supplements, Professional Tools, Weave

Ruth's Beauty (http://ruthsbeautyshop.com/) - Wigs, Weave

Nairobi (http://www.nairobiprofessional.com/) - Relaxed, Natural

Snoblife (http://www.snoblife.com) - Weave, Natural, Relaxed, Cosmetics

Dudley's (http://shoponline.dudleyq.com/) - Relaxed, Natural, Cosmetics, Skin Care

Taliah Waajid (http://www.naturalhair.org/) - Natural, Relaxed

Huetiful (http://www.behuetiful.com/) - Professional Tools, Natural, Relaxed

TreBella Wigs (http://trebellawigs.com/) - Wigs, Natural, Relaxed

Peakmill Hair Services (http://www.peak-mill.com/) - Wigs

Toni Daley (http://www.tonidaley.com) - Wigs

Shea Moisture (http://www.sheamoisture.com/) - Natural, Relaxed, Skin Care, Cosmetics

Miss Jessie's (http://missjessies.com/) - Natural, Relaxed

Karen's Body Beautiful (http://www.karensbodybeautiful.com/) - Natural, Relaxed

Mixed Chicks (http://www.mixedchicks.net/) - Natural, Relaxed, Cosmetics, Electric Curling Irons

Curls (http://www.curls.biz/) - Natural, Relaxed

Qhemet Biologics (http://www.qhemetbiologics.com/) - Natural, Relaxed, Skin Care

E'TAE (http://www.etaeproducts.com/) - Natural, Relaxed

Obia Natural (http://www.obianaturalhair.com/) - Natural, Relaxed

Tea and Honey Blends (http://www.teaandhoneyblends.com/) - Natural, Relaxed

King Me Hair (http://kingmehair.com/) - Weave, Wigs

Natural Oasis (http://naturaloasisproducts.com) - Natural, Relaxed

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***UPDATE*** Instead of updating my list, I will include links to other articles and lists I find helpful below. Thank you!!

SheaMoisture and Being Black-Owned: Is That Enough?: http://www.theroot.com/shea-moisture-and-being-black-owned-is-that-enough-1794706926


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