Friday, May 13, 2016

Cheddar Better Egg Sandwich

Hey All! This recipe provides the perfect bread replacement for your typical breakfast sandwich, especially if you have any gluten issues (celiac disease, gluten intolerance, etc.)

Serves: 1-2
2 brown eggs
Cheddar flavor Rice cakes
1 Tbsp. Cheese

1. In a medium to small sized frying pan, spray non-stick cooking spray before turning on the heat
2. Heat pan. Once pan is good and hot, crack egg in the pan and let it fry until well done.
3. Remove egg from the pan and assemble sandwich. Place egg onto the rice cake while egg is still hot, add cheese and top with the last rice cake.


Katrina S.
My name is Katrina SmithI am an advocate for people with disabilities as well as a food blogger. When I was nine months old, I was in an automobile accident. I suffered severe brain damage to the right side of my brain which also damaged my pituitary gland. I live with a learning disability. Despite my disability, I have completed high school and I am a college undergraduate. I am the host of "Living With," a nonprofit talk show that brings awareness for people with disabilities. My food blog is called "Living Better Cafe" which features traditional recipes at an inexpensive price. Plus, it's food allergy friendly! You can check out my nonprofit talk show at and you can check out Living Better Cafe at, as well as

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