Thursday, October 20, 2016

Wear Your Crown

Enrichment Course 3: Responsibilities of Wearing the Princess Crown

Hey Girl! This quick enrichment course is inspired by Girls Like Me, Inc.'s Royal Coronation THIS SATURDAY, October 22, 2016. You can register HERE. This is our mentoring program's first event of the 2016-2017 program year. For all upcoming events, check the calendar.

A Coronation is a ceremony where those who are born royal or married into the royal family are official crowned, in most cases because they are about to legally and dutifully rule the kingdom.

I wanted the first event to be a Royal Coronation because as young women, you were already born with all of the talents, dreams and purpose you need to rule the world. Through Girls Like Me, Inc., my hope is that you recognize that you were born special and start rocking your crown now.You are a Queen-In-Training.

In order to wear your crown, there are a new duties and responsibilities you have to uphold.

Princess/Queen-In-Training Duties

As a crowned princess, you have to have a positive attitude. You can't be mean and nasty to others. You have to treat people with love and kindness. You also have to be kind to yourself. You can't let negative thoughts stop you from princessin'. If you let a bad attitude rule, you won't be living up to your princess status and you'll never get to queenin'.

Do you have a princess attitude? If yes, Explain why. If not, explain how you can change our attitude.

You were born a talented and purposeful princess. But once you discover who you are, what you have, and start wearing your crown, it's time to learn and perfect. Your biggest responsibility young princess is to learn as much as you can. SCHOOL is most important right now.And I understand, that everyone doesn't do very well in school. But if you are doing your best, you will end up being at least average. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing average about you. Become skilled in your natural talents now. Intern, start a small business project, take extra classes, go to specialty camps, and do everything you can to master the skills of the talents you were born with.

Are you becoming the master of your natural talents? If yes, Explain why. If not, explain what you can do learn and perfect the skills you need to perfect your talent.

Princesses only hang with other princesses. Make sure you are surrounded by friends and mentors who will push you toward success. If you hang with other girls who may not know they are princesses yet, make sure you are an influence to them to recognize their true identity. Make sure they are not influencing you to be a jester (someone who doesn't take anything seriously and tries to get attention) or a peasant (real peasants can't help their situations. But there is nothing worse than a princess staying at peasant status because she doesn't know better, doesn't want to work harder, or refuses to follow the rules of the kingdom.)

Are you surrounded by princesses and queens or jesters and peasant-wanna-bes? If you are not surrounded by princesses and queens, how can you tell? Explain how you can change this.

Princess, you have to pledge allegiance to the Queendom. You have to dedicate yourself to being a queen someday. The only way is to be consistent in your princessin'. You have to take succeeding seriously. Setting goals and accomplishing them has to be habits now. You will make mistakes and have setbacks. However, you have to use those as learning experiences to propel to where you need to be.

Princess do you pledge allegiance to the Queendom? Develop a plan that can help you to remain dedicated and consistent.

Dress for success , Princess. This isn't the most important but it will feel like it is affecting you the most. Looking good and feeling good about yourself helps to boost your confidence and reminds you that you are a princess. It does't take a lot of money to smell good and do your hair (I still shop at Dollar Tree for the basics). Clothing: take care of what you have, hang up your clothes, iron, and wash them. You don't need a closet full of clothes.You just need a few basics (and possibly inexpensive) outfits for certain occasions. Do the best that you can. Don't let people put you down for what you wear. Your heart makes you a princess, not a designer crown.

Do you dress for Princess Success? If so, explain how do you achieve a princess appearance. If you struggle it dressing for success, explain ways in which you can improve by changing your habits without spending a lot of money.

Princesses, I hope this worksheet helps you to wear your crown with confidence. I hope you now have the tools you need to lead a Royal Princess life and the fast track to Queendom.

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