Saturday, January 21, 2017

Queen Mom

Enrichment Course 4: Being the Best Queen Mom Ever
Hey Girl! This quick enrichment course is inspired by Girls Like Me, Inc.'s Queen Mom THIS SATURDAY, January 28, 2017. You can register HERE. For all upcoming events, check the calendar.


A Queen Mom is a Teenage Mother who recognizes that she is Queen.

Why are you a Queen Mom?

A Queen Mom handles her responsibilities.

What actions do you take to be a responsible Queen Mom?

A Queen Mom forgives herself for her mistakes, learns her lessons, and moves forward?

What mistakes have you made that you have learned from?

What is the lesson you've learned the most from?

A Queen Mom is resourceful and does the absolute best she can.

What are some ways you "make a way out of no way?"

What are some money saving tips you have learned as Queen Mom?

A Queen  Mom follows her dreams and never gives up, even if delayed

Has being a Queen Mom delayed any of your plans, dreams, or goals?

If so, how did you or how do you plan to finally get back on schedule?

If not, what advice can give to other teen moms to help them manage their time, dreams, plans, and goals effectively?

A Queen Mom is self-motivated no matter any negative or discouraging energy she receives?

How do you block negative and discouraging energy?

What are some ways you self-motivate yourself?

A Queen Mom is the best parent and role model to her child(ren) who she puts first.

In what ways do you try to be the best parent you can be?

Which character traits does a Queen Mom need to be the best role model for her child(ren)?

A Queen Mom practices self-care to make sure she is the best for her child(ren).

What are some ways you spend your "me time" and what nice things do you do for yourself?

Why is it important not to be too hard on yourself as a Queen Mom?

Queen Moms, I hope this worksheet helps you to realize just how royal you are. Refer to the worksheet whenever you feel down or defeated. Let this be a reminder not to give up on yourself or on your greatest gifts and responsibilities. You are doing so much right. Keep Going!

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