Girls Like Me, Inc. was birthed by founder Elisa Wiah in 2007 as an online magazine (and later a mentoring program) while she was still in high school. She wanted to create a place online for girls like herself (young, hopeful, determined, shaped by tough life experiences, morally conscious), ran by girls like herself. The online magazine and mentoring program has endured changes, transitions, and opposition over the years. However, the mission to provide a place for girls to be themselves, to ask for help, to communicate with one another, to dream, and to create the lives they want has always remained. Today, Girls Like Me encourages girls through the mentorship program, the blog/magazine, and the movement.

To develop future female mentors, ages 11-18, to serve in their various communities and abroad by encouraging them to GO & DREAM.

Encouraging All Girls to GO & DREAM
  • Encouraging young ladies to set and achieve goals through pro-activity
  • Providing young ladies with a forum for open dialogue in which they will be able to learn and release
  • Building mentoring skills through program training designed to enrich every aspect of a girl's life
  • Training and uplifting young ladies to one day mentor other young ladies like themselves

The Girls Like Me, Inc. Blog/Online Magazine was originally created in 2007 to provide positive images online for "good girls." The original views and ideas of the Online Magazine laid the foundation for the mentoring program GLM has evolved into today. While many changes have occurred since its inception, the GLM Blog is curated to provide content that inspires, enriches, and encourages all women, especially girls ages 11-18, to GO & DREAM.

We have a saying here at GLM: Go Girl, GO! Whenever a girl is showing her awesomeness, we want to cheer her on! Say it with hashtags #GoGirlGo

Girls Like Me wants to reach all girls and encourage them to Go & Dream no matter where she is in the world. To connect with girls everywhere, we are building a social media following and a lifestyle brand so that all girls can be encouraged to Go & Dream!

How to Live the GO & DREAM Lifestyle:
  1. Believe that You and All Girls have the power to follow their dreams and to change the world
  2. Be kind and compassionate to Girls and everyone around you. Be an awesome Friend and Sister!
  3. Love Yourself! Know that you are beautiful and celebrate the beauty in other Girls.
  4. Create it! Invent it! Run It! Be Entrepreneurial in your goals. Capture success and work to make your own dreams come true!
Now you know how to GO & DREAM! Welcome to Girls Like Me and don't stop until you can help another girl make her dreams a reality! For beautiful things to match your GO & DREAM Lifestyle, visit Shop GLM today!

"Girls Like Me was established as a movement to call forth all young girls to step up, claim, and take back their futures. Young women, conjure the motivation within and tell yourself "I want better for myself. I won't be a victim of my surroundings. I am the master of my own fate. I am more than what you say I am. I am what my higher power says I am." Ladies of all ages, it is time we support one another. For we are stronger together than when we are divided. As women, we have all felt lonely or inferior at one point. Recollect the actions that summoned those feelings. The time is now. You have the power to imaginatively re-create a world where no girl has to go alone. Where she has another woman to guide her at every turn. The time is now."
--- Elisa Wiah, Founder of Girls Like Me, Inc.

Girls Like Me, Inc. is a Non-Profit Organization. 501(c)(3) Tax Exemption Status is pending.

All core staff (The Crew) have background checks on file. Outside volunteers are asked to get background checks and clearances as it is now free for volunteers. These volunteers are not responsible for the welfare of a child or will not have direct contact with children (please visit link below). These individuals are known personally by staff and are employed by reputable businesses and/or attend accredited schools where background checks are required. These individuals will never be alone with students without core staff members present. Students' involvement with these individuals and/or events where these individuals will be present will be communicated with parent/guardians and is not required. http://keepkidssafe.pa.gov/