Community Resources

At the heart of Girls Like Me, Inc., is Giving Back.

Check our Calendar for upcoming Group Mentoring Events that are FREE and open to the community

The 6th Annual Doll Drive is upon us. Every year, Girls Like Me Inc. donates Christmas Gifts to families in need. Join in on the giving TODAY!

Girls Like Me, Inc. Malawi is our global outreach effort. To learn more, visit our dedicate page HERE.

Our Brothers of GLM Initiative engages and encourages positive Black male role models in our community. To learn more, visit our dedicated page HERE.

We offer Scholarships to GLM Members and other students in our community. You can learn more about our scholarships HERE.

If you believe in all of the work that GLM does and you believe that we do it effectively, please DONATE. 
Whether your dollars reach a family in need during the holidays, a girl in Malawi, or a senior getting ready for collge, your contribution is valued by us. We will make sure it gets to those who need it most.