Thank you for your interest in learning more about our Annual Holiday Doll Drive. Unfortunately, we are not hosting our holiday festivities for many reasons. We will try to do some community service and support other toy drives in the city to ensure the children in our community have a happy holiday season. Please have a Happy Holiday & an amazing 2021.



founder of Girls Like Me, Inc.

8th Annual Doll Drive

Girls Like Me, Inc. is collecting dolls, toys, and gifts to distribute as gifts to young girls and families in need this holiday season. Please be a blessing today by donating newly purchased dolls, toys, clothing, or gifts. We are also accepting monetary donations. If you would like, you can also attach an encouraging holiday card or note. We are sponsoring up to 15 families from the Philadelphia Autism Center of Excellence, one of the Child Guidance Resource Centers.

Collection Dates:

October 15 – December 14, 2019

Drop Off Dates, Times, & Location:

November 9 & December 14

12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Blanche A, Nixon/Cobbs Creek Library

5800 Cobbs Creek Parkway

Philadelphia, PA 19143

Send Donations via Postage Mail:

Girls Like Me, Inc.

PO Box 23481

Philadelphia, PA 19143


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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you only collect dolls?


No, we collect all types of toys and gifts for the entire family, for all members of the family. Don't forget about grandparents, fathers, and babies.



Do the gifts have to be wrapped?



No, we prefer that gifts are not wrapped at the time they are donated.


Do you accept family nominations?


No, we are a small nonprofit and unable to vet a family's need. Therefore, we work with organizations whose clients have an expressed need and have already been vetted by said organization.


Do you accept used/old toys and gifts?


We do not accept used toys and gifts. All gifts should be newly purchased and in good condition. I advise giving gifts you would want your children to receive.


Do you accept cash and/or checks?


I prefer you donate cash in-person. Checks can be donated in-person or mailed to the address below. A gift receipt will be issued.

Girls Like Me, Inc.

PO Box 23481

Philadelphia, PA 19143

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