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Welcome, Current & Potential Members! Here is where you can find out whatever you need to know about being apart of GLM! Below, you can apply for membership, pay for your outings, and check for any announcements.


Girl, we want you to be a member of Girls Like Me, Inc. GLM Membership allows you to build relationships with your mentoring group and leaders and participate in our group travel experiences.

Why Membership?

  • Eligible for Scholarship senior year

  • One-on-One mentoring

  • Signature verification of Community Service obligation forms for GLM event participation

  • Letters of Recommendation


Application due Saturday, September 26, 2020

Rolling Application Deadline until we reach 20 participants.

GLM Application, Consent Form & Photo & Video Release

2 Ways to Submit:

Scan & Email

Postal Mail

Girls Like Me, Inc.

PO Box 23481

Philadelphia, PA 19143

Make sure you have everything...

  • $25* non-refundable application fee 

  • Girl Information Form

  • Emergency Contact Parental Consent Form

  • Copy of latest report card

  • Student Essay

  • Parent Statement

Pay Non-Refundable Application Fee

Call for GLM Application Help

Office Hours (until September 26)

Monday – Friday

9 am - 5 pm

6:30 pm – 8:30 pm

PHONE: 215 292 6O63​

About GLM & Our 2020-2021 Program Year

How to fill out GLM Membership Application

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