About Our Founder


At the age of seventeen, Elisa Wiah founded Girls Like Me, Inc. with the intent to provide girls with the support and resources to express themselves freely and accomplish their dreams. Elisa is also a writer. She was a blog author and writer for ten years. She is currently the author and publisher of one book, Building my Village. She loves to cook and eat vegan recipes whenever she is not running GLM. Most of all, she is honored to be trusted as a mentor to our GLM Girls. While Elisa was born and currently resides in Philadelphia, PA, she grew up down south in Winston-Salem, NC. She is a graduate of Shaw University and the University of Pennsylvania, respectively. Her ultimate dream: to send at least one girl to college on a full scholarship every year. Her greatest influences are her grandmothers. She is a proud daughter, sister, aunt, niece, cousin, and friend.