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Girls Like... Beauty Supplies Delivered to Your Front Door | 10 Beauty Supply Stores with Shipping

Updated: Nov 14

Hey Dreamer! Like you, I have dreamed of my local beauty supply store being open 24 hours a day, through a natural disaster, inclement weather, or pandemic. And I pray for my ladies who live in those remote areas where Sally's is the closest "beauty supply store" near you. Gratefully, some savvy businesswomen have created a solution with you in mind. There are some beauty supply stores that are now shipping everything you need and can normally find at your local beauty supply store. From shampoo and curling rods to wigs, weaves, needles, and thread, these beauty supply stores are ready to ship you everything you need to keep it cute at home.

Marsh + Mane Philadelphia, PA

My favorite beauty supply store is Marsh + Mane. I love it because the owner, Jenea Robinson, has set out to redefine the Black beauty supply experience. The in-store experience is warm, cozy, and inviting. It reminds me of going to an aunt's house Down South who would fix you pound cake and sweet tea. Then she would grease your scalp and braid your hair on the front porch. Not only is the space welcoming but so is Jenea and her knowledgeable staff who know and use the products and can answer your hair questions.

While the in-store experience is incomparable, you can get a bit of the Marsh + Mane experience at home. The packages are sealed with care and the logo so you know it's Marsh + Mane. A note with a message of gratitude is included in every box. If you follow Marsh + Mane on Instagram, Jenea often posts messages to her customers and hosts live chats about hair care, self care, and wellness. You can even schedule a virtual hair product consultation. Everything you ever needed from a beauty supply store, Marsh + Mane can make sure you have at home.

Here are 9 other beauty supply stores that are shipping from the store to your home:

Brilliance Hair Extensions and Beauty Supply Philadelphia, PA

Blessed Beauty Supply Glendale, CA

Cocoa's Beauty Empire Houston, Texas (Online Only)

BPolished Beauty Supply Arlington, Texas

Hafiz Sisters Beauty Supply Philadelphia, PA

Paris Hair & Beauty Supplies Trenton, NJ

Zoet Beauty Supply Mableton, GA

Envy Us Beauty Supply Alexandria, VA

Ms. Melanin Beauty Supply Atlanta, GA

Have you already filled up your virtual shopping carts? Which beauty supply products are must-haves that you keep stocked up? Do you know of any other beauty supply stores that are shipping? Let me know how your virtual beauty supply store run goes in the comments below.

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