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Girls Like... Nail Polish! | My Top Three Nail Polish Shades

Updated: Nov 14

Hey Dreamer! I don't just like nail polish. I LOVE it! Here are my current top three shades from three awesome nail polish companies.

Hot Chocolate from Kaeess Nail Polish

I love nude-y staples and apparently so does everyone else. This shade is sold out! I can't wait to get my hands on this rich, brown shade.

Festival Fever from Pear Nova

My favorite color is orange so, of course, this was a no brainer. I love a fun and bold shade that can be worn in any season.

Askia Muhammad from OOO Polish

This shade is perfect as we transition into Spring. I love that the color is soft but still makes a statement. Nothing like a neon pastel to usher in the warmer weather, wearing less, and going out more.

I want to know your favorite polish shades and nail polish companies. Do you go to the nail salon, press 'em on, or go all natural? Let me know your nail routine below.

Gratefully Yours,

Miss Elisa

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