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Hey Dreamer! My name is Elisa (my Girls call me Miss Elisa) and welcome to Girls Like...!

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Here at Girls Like..., I feature brands, products, and services created by Black women and women of color for Black women and women of color. As a writer and lover of pretty things, this blog is the perfect way to create a career I love and to support my work with Girls Like Me, Inc.

Remember "my Girls" I mentioned earlier? Well, Girls Like Me, Inc. is the nonprofit I founded to encourage girls to go and dream. I create group mentoring experiences, outreach projects, and inspiring media content for girls ages 11-18. I am passionate about my work with my Girls. I'm dedicated and focused on making sure GLM has the resources we need to thrive and reach as many girls as possible.

While I love my Girls, my content here on Girls Like... will cater to millennial women like myself. But don't worry; everything will be preteen friendly enough since we live at GLM's online dream home. I believe it is important for me as a woman, mentor, and founder to carve out a little space of my own to share the things that are pretty and inspiring to me.

So let's journey together! For my millennial lady audience, like my Girls, I will also be referring to you as Dreamers. Because no matter how we grow, we have to keep dreaming just like when we were young girls. I promise to bring you pretty and inspiring products, brands, and services that I actually use, love, and support. If you ever see ads or sponsored content, it will be clearly expressed. Just know that if it's featured, I did my due diligence to make sure the overall brand aligns with my values and that of GLM. If I overlook something, chime in and let me know so I can research and make any necessary changes.

With that being said, if you have a product or brand, I would love to discuss partnering on sponsored content for Girls Like.... No matter the size of your company, I would love to work with brands whose values align with mine and that of my audience. To get in touch with me, click HERE.

You now know a little bit more about me, Girls Like..., and why you should really join this awesome group of sister-friend dreamers every Saturday morning for new content. Thank you for stopping by and I can't wait to see you next time!

Gratefully Yours,

Miss Elisa

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