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Girls Like... Podcasts! | My 4 Favorite Podcasts

Updated: Nov 14

Hey Dreamer! I make it a point to stay informed about a number of issues. I love to hear the perspectives of others on these issues and research further. I believe it keeps me open-minded and constantly learning. One way I like to hear different takes on various topics is to listen to podcasts. While I am always discovering new episodes and shows, I wanted to highlight my favorite four shows and the beautiful hosts who create magic on the mic.

Dr. Eve Hudson of The First-Gen Lounge

Dr. Eve highlights the experiences of first-gens. Her show is a place where first-generation college graduates come to kick it and talk honestly about this thing called life and biz.

Christelle Wilson and Brittany Murphy of Love Life After

Christelle and Brittany inspire women to get through life's challenges and obstacles by remembering that there is life after it all.

Mazda Miles of Restrooms and Boardrooms with Mazda Miles

Mazda informs and inspires women with a little pep talk and girl talk bent on running and doing what you need to do in business, entrepreneurship, leadership, culture and life.

Eryka Wallace of Unpacking with Eryka

Eryka encourages us all to get real about our personal baggage, learn to unpack our feelings, and live a life beyond the surface.

I love listening to these ladies! I listen to their podcasts while I'm driving or when I am cleaning. When do you take time to listen to podcasts? What are some of your favorites? Leave a comment and let me know!

Gratefully Yours,

Miss Elisa

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