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Girls Like... Shoes! | My 3 Favorite Luxury Footwear Designers

Updated: Nov 14

Hey Dreamer! Like many other girls and women around the globe, I fell in love with shoes early on in life. I may sound like Carrie Bradshaw when I say this but... The right pair of shoes can change your life! These three designers have mastered the art of "The Right Shoe" and no true collection is complete with out their presence. I am only going to describe their brands with a few words and let their work speak for them.


The hottest ladies in hip hop love rocking her designs. Her drops are always iconic.

Kendall Miles Designs

Luxury, high class, and high fashion. For the international lady CEO and her many facets.

Jessica Rich Collection

Cinderella has nothing on her glass slipper. She bodied the "clear shoe" trend so hard and she continues to reinvent it with her designs.

Which shoe above is your favorite? Who are your favorite shoe designers and brands? Be sure to share them in the comments below so I can go and add some fire to my closet!

Gratefully Yours,

Miss Elisa

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