Self Love, Sis.

Self Love Sis Guide 2018- 2019 Self Care

OBJECTIVE: Join us for a discussion about loving ourselves the way we are. Our goal is to encourage high self-esteem and positive body image for our girls who are exposed to impossible beauty standards daily.



This activity is designed to be a round table discussion. Arrange the chairs in a circle or have all the young ladies sit around one table. The goal is for the young ladies to interact and respond to one another. They have to see their peers’ faces. Your job as the leader is to make the ladies feel comfortable and to guide the young ladies through the discussion. The questions below are just to get you started. Hopefully, your girls will begin to ask their own questions and the discussion will become unique to the needs of your group.


ICE BREAKER: My Sister Loves – 10 minutes

1. Hand out cut up sheets of paper or index cards. Have your girls write down everything that they love. Make sure they don’t write their name or any identifiers.

2. Have girls fold papers. Collect all papers, put into a container or bag, and mix up the papers. Have students pick out a random sheet of paper from the collection.

3. Have girls read the paper they selected out loud by saying first “My Sister Loves…”

4. Once they are done pose this question: So you just read and we all heard what our sisters love. Are the things we love similar? For the things named that you don’t love, can you see why your sisters may love it? Why or Why not?

5. The Takeaway: It is important to not ignore or even tolerate the differences in each other. We must try to understand and make a decision on whether or not we can accept the way other people love. And even if we can’t accept it, we must respect it. We are still sisters and we still have so much in common amongst all of our differences.



1. What is self-love?

2. What are some ways we show love and honor to ourselves?

3. What does it look like to not have self-love?




4. How does your skin color affect how you feel about yourself?

5. How does someone’s skin color make you feel about them?

6. Why is it important to encourage each other and recognize the beauty in others?




7. What images do you see on social media about women’s bodies and plastic surgery?

8. Do you feel pressure to change how your body looks?




9. How do you feel about your own hair?

10. What are some nice things and some mean things people have said about your hair?

11. Do you feel like all hair types were represented in these videos? Which hair types were left out in the videos? In the media?

12. Overall, how do you feel about all of the videos we watched?

13. How has your view of self-love changed since watching the video?


CONCLUSION: 15 minutes – 1 hour

We held this event on Valentine’s Day weekend. So we will write love notes to ourselves and eat some chocolate. Use this as an opportunity to be creative and to do an activity unique to your group.

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